Cloud Hosting

Cloud Backup

Businesses need to guard against a wide variety of threats to uptime and employee productivity.  While rare, fires, floods, and other natural disasters can destroy an office location, bringing business operations completely to a halt.  More commonly a major computer hardware failure can knock out access to critical servers and applications for days or weeks, causing productivity to suffer and reducing the ability to see patients while critical systems are brought back online.  Fortunately, recent technology advancements have brought business continuity services in reach even for small businesses.  NO matter the busines disruption, new cloud computing advancements now make it possible for businesses to recover critical servers and applications in the cloud in less than 24 hours.

HITCare Continuity Cloud

HITCare Continuity Cloud service enables the rapid recovery of servers, applications and data in the cloud in less than 24 hours.  The first line of defense in any server outage is to virtualize the impacted server on a local "BDR appliance" or standby server. If, however, a location has been completely destroyed, cloud recovery is the next best option. Infrastructure in the cloud can completely simulate on-premises servers and applications, giving businesses true peace of mind and protection from virtually any kind of on-site disaster. With the Continuity Cloud in use, business locations and remote users can connect to critical applications in the cloud and continue to work as usual, no matter the disruption. When computer operations can be assured, employee productivity is protected, revenue impacts are minimized, and business reputations are preserved.

 Feature  Benefit
  •  Fast recovery in less than 24 hours

  • Get peace of mind with a service level that guarantees recovery in less than 24 hours.

  •  Virtualized servers in the cloud

  • Your data, system configurations, and critical applications are completely virtualized in the cloud and operate just like they did in the office.

  •  High performance

  • Your virtualized office leverages world class cloud infrastructure, industry leading virtualization software and high bandwidth connectivity, ensuring high performance.

  •  Flexible and secure remote access

  • Remote users and office locations smoothly connect to servers and resources just like before, without cumbersome redesign of your network during a crisis.

  •  No time limits

  • The cloud recover environment seamlessly supports your business operations for as long as it takes to bring the downed office back online.

  •  Multiple failback options

  • Your data and systems continue to be protected in the cloud, with multiple failback options available.