Our Clients Overview

Who is Using HITCare’s Professional Services and HIT Solutions?

Our ClientsWhether large or small, HITCare’s commitment to delivering comprehensive technical solutions and premier customer service is unmatched and is a key element to our success and the success of our Healthcare clients.

Practices working with HITCare quickly recognize us as a leading provider in HIT, Professional Services and Workflow Solutions.  The HITCare team works comprehensively to earn the loyalty of each valued client by providing first-class services every day. 

The HITCare teams of professionals have over 30 years experience with health information technology (HIT) projects providing the highest quality of service to executives, physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals in hospitals, FQHC and CHC and Rural clinics, medical centers and other healthcare facilities across the United States. Working with some of the Nation’s top hospitals, our team has the demonstrated confidence and proven experience to successfully deploy and support your next generation HIT systems in complex healthcare environments. Call (888) 812-8448 or email info@hitcare.com.


EHR Optimization and IT Managed Services.


In addition to having many satisfied companies we have testimonials on the success of our work.