Community Health and Human Services

Partnering with community based organizations helping them realize mission success by solving IT/EMR and Cybersecurity technical challenges.

Our Experience:

Since 2008, HITCare has delivered the professional Managed IT Services , EMR Systems and Cybersecurity services that Non-Profit and Human Services organizations depend on. We understand your mission can not afford to be challenged with poorly supported or deployed technology, so we make it “Job-One” to keep technical obstacles off your management agenda. We  make  your technology predictable, available, secure and delivered with less complexity at a reasonable cost. 

Why Partner with HITCare?

When it comes to client selection, we’re choosy. We only partner with leadership who are committed to positive improvement and will allow us to properly manage their technology so they can focus on their mission. 

HITCare’s goal is that “none” of our community based organization will ever have to call the Hardware or Software vendors for support. We meet you where you need us and address the technical pain, support the users, improve performance, drive down unnecessary expenses, manage risk, secure your data and deliver comprehensive professional IT services. 

All our focus is on removing technical barriers to enable your amazing mission to thrive.

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